The Amazon Brand Success Academy
The Amazon Brand Success Academy
Learn to Launch, Grow & Protect Your Brand on Amazon
Here's What You Get:
  • Amazon Strategy Training Videos ($7,500 Value)
  • ​​​PDF Downloads for every Section ($97 Value)
  • ​​Amazon Seller Resources ($1,997 Value)
  • ​​Action Steps To Success ($997 Value)
  • ​​Question and Answer Section ($3,500 Value)
  • ​​Over The Shoulder Tutorial “Video Tips” ($2,500 Value)
Total Value: $16,591
Just $97/Month
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"Since we started Marketplace Seller Courses in January of this year we have seen our monthly Amazon sales rise 400%+... Highly recommend that any and all marketers and business executives hear what Shannon has to say!"
- Denise Day, Good Day Chocolate
“Shannon is a true expert in the leading practices on Amazon Seller Central. His insights into the countless nuances that go into being a successful Amazon Seller makes him an invaluable resource that every brand owner should utilize.”
-Matthew Capalbo, Allstar Products Group
What Brand Owners Are Saying...

Stacey Kaminsky, At Last Naturals

Carey Aron, The Pasta Shoppe

What You Get Inside...

Course 1: Intro to Amazon

  • 1) Amazon Overview: What are the underlying principles that guide Amazon?
  • 2) Fulfillment Options & Fees: How does Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) work?
  • 3) Types of Amazon Sellers: What types of Sellers are on Amazon?
  • ​4) Initial Investment: How much does it cost to get started?
  • ​5) Market Research: What is your competition on Amazon?
  • ​Tools & Resources
  • ​Video Tips
  • ​Q&A Section

Course 2: Creating Your Storefront

  • Your Account & Storefront: Customizing your Amazon Storefront
  • Seller Account Health: Maintaining Seller Account Health
  • Product Detail Pages: Amazon Detail Page Control
  • Fulfillment Options: Amazon & Merchant Fulfillment Options
  • ​Product Listing Options: Methods to List and Import Products
  • ​​Tools & Resources
  • ​​Video Tips
  • ​Q&A Section

Course 3: Optimizing Product Listings

  • Understanding Amazon Search: The Amazon A9 Search Algorithm
  • Keyword Research & Strategy: Product Discoverability, Rankability & Buyability
  • Product Listing Optimization: Creating Photos, Titles, Features and Descriptions that Sell
  • Analyzing Product Optimization: How to Analyze Listing Optimization
  • ​​​Tools & Resources
  • ​​Video Tips
  • ​Q&A Section

Course 4: Launching New Products

  • Amazon Campaigns: The Importance of Product Launches & Campaigns
  • Amazon Promotions: Understanding and Utilizing Amazon Promotions
  • Getting Product Reviews: Great ways to Gain Honest Product Reviews
  • ​Driving External Traffic: Ways to Drive Email, Social & Affiliate Traffic
  • ​Tools & Resources
  • ​​Video Tips
  • ​Q&A Section

Course 5: Amazon Seller Issues

  • Enforcing Distribution: Methods of Enforcing Product Distribution
  • Listing Abuse Issues: What Constitutes Listing Abuse and How to Avoid/Report It
  • ​MAP Issues: Utilizing Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) Strategies
  • Merging ASIN's: When, how and why to merge duplicate ASIN's
  • Counterfeit Issues: Dealing with Counterfeit Issues on Amazon
  • ​Trademark, Copyright & Patent: Trademark, Patent and Copyright issues on Amazon
  • ​Suspension Prevention & Reinstatement: Effective Strategies to Prevent & Request Reinstatement
  • ​​Tools & Resources
  • ​​Video Tips
  • ​Q&A Section

Course 6: Amazon Flat File Templates

  • Getting Started: Why Flat Files are Important and How They Work
  • Downloading Templates & Resources: How to Download Flat File Templates
  • Amazon Flat File Templates: Finding the Best Category & Browse Tree Guides
  • ​Parentages & Variations: How to Create Parent-Child variations & Multi-Packs
  • Upload Tips, Warnings & Errors: Common Upload Issues & Fixes
  • ​​Tools & Resources
  • ​​Video Tips
  • ​Q&A Section

Bonus Course: Scannable QR Codes on Amazon Inserts

  • Creating Scannable QR Codes: How to Find Amazon URL's and Generate QR Codes
  • Amazon Insert Policies: Amazon's Current Policies regarding Product Inserts
  • ​​Video Tips: Finding Links for Amazon QR Codes, Using the QR Code Generator
  • ​Q&A Section
“Shannon helps navigate you through the inner workings of Amazon and has been an excellent resource to help us increase our Amazon sales 200% in less than 3 months! I would highly recommend these Amazon Courses for any business wishing to increase their Amazon presence.”
-Dale Malone, KlikBelts
“All the other vendors are selling variations of "get rich quick" with Amazon and how to find the next iPhone cable to sell. This is the course for the serious seller that wants to understand Amazon and grow their business.”
-George Clark, Pure Country Weavers 

An Amazon Course for Brands

Whether you're already selling on Amazon or just starting out, you may find yourself frustrated or intimidated by the complexity of the platform and disappointed with the lack of support from Amazon or other consultants.

Trying to learn how to optimize your listings, create variations, run advertising and effectively remove unauthorized sellers and get verified product reviews has likely left you feeling overwhelmed.

That's where I come in... I'm here to help you Make Selling on Amazon Simple.

I'll Be Your Amazon Guide

I understand the frustrations and challenges that most brand owners face when it comes to selling on Amazon.

Over the past 8 years I've worked with over 120 clients to help them launch, grow and protect their brands on Amazon. I know that the challenges you face are real.
Whether it's helping companies generate a 400% increase in sales, optimizing their listings, structuring campaigns or removing unauthorized resellers and counterfeits, I know how to do it, and I'm going to help you.
"Highly Recommend! We've been selling on Amazon for years, but the information and resources here in Shannon's course has helped me and my team deepen and grow our understanding of the Amazon marketplace with all its complexities and ever-changing policies. We've greatly benefited from this course and appreciate Shannon's ability to easily layout information into actionable pieces while providing depth and valuable content.”  
-Rebecca Avila
“I’ve been selling online since 2003. I can tell you with all sincerity that working with Shannon is such a breath of fresh air. He’s trustworthy, super knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Not only are his courses top-notch, but his consulting is more than worth the investment. Bottom line: If your business is looking to “up” its Amazon game, look no further. You’ve come to the right place.”
-Jim Labadie, PhysioTru 

Here's What You'll Master


Proven Strategies to Increase Conversion

Learn the key elements to creating a successful Amazon listing from start to finish.


Strategies to Drive Targeted Traffic

Create cost-effective Amazon Campaigns or use external traffic from social, email and affiliates.


Listing Analysis and Profitability

From keyword rank tracking to sessions and conversion rate, know exactly what generates sales & profitability.


Methods to Protect Brand Equity and Sales

Create effective strategies to monitor listings, negative product reviews and competitors.
"Shannon is really easy to follow and understand. He goes at a steady pace - not too fast or too slow. He really understands how to make solid listings on Amazon and how to optimize them for the most impact and sales. I highly recommend his course!"
-Cynthia, rengöra
“Shannon is very specific when explaining to you what he is going over. He wants to assure you understand before moving forward. Shannon is very knowledgeable of his line of work. He doesn’t tell you something if he doesn’t know it. He is very honest and wants you to succeed.”
-Denise Odermatt, Almased
The Amazon Brand Success Academy
Everything you need to successfully launch, grow and protect your brand on Amazon. Complete storefront setup. Proven optimization strategies. Effective launch methods. Distribution enforcement & intellectual property protection. And much, much more. All available with a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee and Instant Access. Don't miss the opportunity to take your business on Amazon to the next level.

Does this Sound Like You?

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You really want to launch your brand on Amazon but don't know where to start ...
  • ​You've gotten your account and products setup but are having trouble generating sales ...
  • ​You're already successfully selling on Amazon, but looking to increase market share ...
  • ​Your brand is growing, but you're having trouble with counterfeits & unauthorized sellers...
If so, this course is the perfect fit and I'm so excited to share this amazing opportunity with you!
“Shannon knows the ins and outs of doing business on Amazon like no one else I’ve ever met before. His expert advice has saved me many hours of headache and frustration.” - Nadia Khan, Wabry Syrup
“I tell anyone if they have anything to do with selling or even are considering to sell on Amazon, they need to go through this seminar FIRST. This is the type of information that can save you TIME and MONEY.” -Chris
"The #1 Reason Most Brands Fail selling on Amazon is Because They Don't Know What They Don't Know."
Most brand owners are making decisions based on partial information, bad information or on some cases no information at all. The reason for this is what I call, "The Piecemeal Approach."

  They get a little bit of Amazon information from blog posts, online articles, webinars, videos and conferences and then piece them all together. The problem with this approach is that it always leaves gaps in the information. And those gaps lead to lack of sales or in some cases account suspension. 

The Amazon Brand Success Academy will help you avoid
all of the most common Amazon selling pitfalls including:

  • Losing market share by failing to optimize your listings
  • ​Competitors stealing sales by bidding on your brand name
  • ​Losing brand equity due to counterfeiters and knock-off products
  • ​Missing out on opportunities to expand into retail due to MAP violators
  • ​Not keeping up with Amazon policy resulting in account suspension
When you have everything in one place, you can create a coherent strategy, taking into account all of the factors, consider your options and make educated decisions and achieve better results.

Imagine Your Amazon Success

Imagine Your Amazon Success

I want you to imagine for a moment, what your business will look like once you implement the strategies inside The Amazon Brand Success Academy:

Your listings are perfectly optimized. Your campaigns are running smoothly. You’re enjoying positive product reviews. You have peace of mind knowing that your listings are being monitored for changes, counterfeits and unauthorized resellers, and that you're operating according to Amazon policy.

Now is the time to take action and make that vision a reality:
"“I am in marketing and with launching my first product on Amazon, I am pleasantly surprised to have learned so much in just the beginner course. There is a lot of thoughtful detail and strategic thinking that went into the content of this course. I also found the extra resource links useful!”
- Jayme Derkson , My Starry Chart 
"I worked as an instructional designer for 5 years and I have to compliment you on your courses. The tutorials were very organized and well constructed. I was engaged and never distracted or lost as you did a great job of explaining every step."
– Joanne Wood-Ellison, The Artful Canine

The 5 Myths of Amazon

Myth #1: I don't really think I need to be on Amazon
The reality is that 50%+ of all eCommerce is done on and over 60% of all product searches start on Amazon even when customers are planning to buy on other websites or in store. You need to be on Amazon.

 Myth #2: I can just figure this out on my own
You can, but it's going to take much longer to achieve success and the mistakes can be costly. Trying to find high quality information on Amazon that's up to date and in line with current policy is both time consuming and difficult.

Myth #3: If I build it, they will come
It's the same as putting a product on the bottom shelf of Aisle 52 at Walmart, it won't sell itself. You need to effectively launch your products and drive initial traffic to your listings on Amazon in order to generate sales.

Myth #4: If I choose to sell on Amazon, I'll lose control of my brand
There are tons of great strategies you can put in place to monitor, enforce and protect your brand on Amazon once you start selling. It requires having the right tools, strategies and resources to do it effectively.

Myth #5: I'll just hire an agency and let them handle everything
Your brand is too valuable to completely leave in the hands of someone else, even a reputable Amazon agency. It's vital that as the brand owner you can effectively monitor your brands success on Amazon.
Frequently Asked Questions
Does it only apply to
The strategies apply to Amazon platforms globally, but some of the tools are only applicable for specific marketplaces (Amazon Canada, UK, etc.) We will eventually be adding an additional course for purchase for those interesting in expanding internationally.
I'm already selling on Amazon, can these courses actually help me?
Absolutely. I've found that most brands selling on Amazon are still missing 50-60% of the opportunity they need to succeed, even when they've been selling on Amazon for 5-7+ years. There's so much to know about Amazon, that unless you've dedicated significant time to delve into the many aspects of Amazon there's still a lot to learn.
Does it focus on Vendor Central?
The courses focus exclusively on Seller Central and do not cover elements specific to Vendor Central. We do cover information about removing retail contributions for sellers who are migrating from Vendor Central to Seller Central which has been the latest trend for brands to take more control of their listings and pricing.
Do I need this if I hire an agency?
Yes! There are many principles included in this course that you as a brand owner need to know that most agencies won't go into (such as online diversification and product strategies, MAP and distribution enforcement, etc.) In addition, you need to ensure that anyone you hire is operating inline with Amazon policy and can ask the right questions and analyze the results for yourself.
How long is the online course?
The Amazon Brand Success Academy contains over 3 1/2 hours of Amazon Strategy Training videos and over 4 1/2 hours of Amazon Video Tips. In addition, we have links to Tools, Resources, Action steps, Articles, Webinars and Podcasts all included within the course making total course content approximately 15 hours. Our goal was to create the best content possible, in the most organized fashion, allowing you to go through it one course and lesson at a time and applying the concepts before moving on to the next section.
How do I update my subscription?
Need to cancel your subscription or request a refund? Visit our Manage your Subscription page to easily cancel your monthly enrollment, or request a refund with our 30 day money back guarantee.
"When we started to launch NAPGEAR we really had no idea of what we needed to do to be successful on Amazon. Shannon's course on launching new products on Amazon removed any uncertainties we had. It provides a great overview of the steps that needed to be taken and goes into detail with all of them so that an Amazon newcomer can be as successful as possible with their listing.”
-Tammo Heeren, NAPGEAR 
 "Working with Shannon is like having a good friend beside you helping to navigate the world of online marketplaces. Shannon’s expertise in getting products posted, discovered, cross-promoted and selling on Amazon helped my bedtime toy brand, Starshine Watchdogs, achieve fast-selling, 5-Star, zero-return status on Amazon! You rock Shannon – Thank You!"
-Geoff Roesch, Starshine Watchdogs 
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