The Amazon Brand Success Academy
The Amazon Brand Success Academy
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"Since we started Marketplace Seller Courses in January of this year we have seen our monthly Amazon sales rise 400%+... Highly recommend that any and all marketers and business executives hear what Shannon has to say!"
- Denise Day, Good Day Chocolate
“Shannon is a true expert in the leading practices on Amazon Seller Central. His insights into the countless nuances that go into being a successful Amazon Seller makes him an invaluable resource that every brand owner should utilize.”
-Matthew Capalbo, Allstar Products Group

What You Get...

Course 1: Intro to Amazon

  • 1) Amazon Overview: What are the underlying principles that guide Amazon?
  • 2) Fulfillment Options & Fees: How does Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) work?
  • 3) Types of Amazon Sellers: What types of Sellers are on Amazon?
  • ​4) Initial Investment: How much does it cost to get started?
  • ​5) Market Research: What is your competition on Amazon?

Course 2: Creating Your Storefront

  • Your Account & Storefront: Customizing your Amazon Storefront
  • Seller Account Health: Maintaining Seller Account Health
  • Product Detail Pages: Amazon Detail Page Control
  • Fulfillment Options: Amazon & Merchant Fulfillment Options
  • ​Product Listing Options: Methods to List and Import Products

Course 3: Optimizing Product Listings

  • Understanding Amazon Search: The Amazon A9 Search Algorithm
  • Keyword Research & Strategy: Product Discoverability, Rankability & Buyability
  • Product Listing Optimization: Creating Photos, Titles, Features and Descriptions that Sell
  • Analyzing Product Optimization: How to Analyze Listing Optimization

Course 4: Launching New Products

  • Amazon Campaigns: The Importance of Product Launches & Campaigns
  • Amazon Promotions: Understanding and Utilizing Amazon Promotions
  • Getting Product Reviews: Great ways to Gain Honest Product Reviews
  • ​Driving External Traffic: Ways to Drive Email, Social & Affiliate Traffic

Course 5: Amazon Seller Issues

  • Enforcing Distribution: Methods of Enforcing Product Distribution
  • Listing Abuse Issues: What Constitutes Listing Abuse and How to Avoid/Report It
  • ​MAP Issues: Utilizing Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) Strategies
  • Merging ASIN's: When, how and why to merge duplicate ASIN's
  • Counterfeit Issues: Dealing with Counterfeit Issues on Amazon
  • ​Trademark, Copyright & Patent: Trademark, Patent and Copyright issues on Amazon
  • ​Suspension Prevention & Reinstatement: Effective Strategies to Prevent & Request Reinstatement
  • ​​Tools & Resources
  • ​​Video Tips
  • ​Q&A Section

Course 6: Amazon Flat File Templates

  • Getting Started: Why Flat Files are Important and How They Work
  • Downloading Templates & Resources: How to Download Flat File Templates
  • Amazon Flat File Templates: Finding the Best Category & Browse Tree Guides
  • ​Parentages & Variations: How to Create Parent-Child variations & Multi-Packs
  • Upload Tips, Warnings & Errors: Common Upload Issues & Fixes
  • ​​Tools & Resources
  • ​​Video Tips
  • ​Q&A Section

ALL Amazon Brand Success Academy Courses Include:

  • ​​Tools & Resources: Everything Needed to Become an Expert Seller on Amazon
  • ​​Video Tips: Clear and Concise Video Tips to Help Explain Concepts and Ideas
  • ​Q&A Section: Questions and Answers Designed to Make Sure You Understand 100%

BONUS Course: Scannable QR Codes on Amazon Inserts

  • Creating Scannable QR Codes: How to Find Amazon URLs and Generate QR Codes
  • Amazon Insert Policies: Amazon's Current Policies regarding Product Inserts
  • ​​Video Tips: Finding Links for Amazon QR Codes, Using the QR Code Generator
  • ​Q&A Section
“Shannon helps navigate you through the inner workings of Amazon and has been an excellent resource to help us increase our Amazon sales 200% in less than 3 months! I would highly recommend these Amazon Courses for any business wishing to increase their Amazon presence.”
-Dale Malone, KlikBelts
“All the other vendors are selling variations of "get rich quick" with Amazon and how to find the next iPhone cable to sell. This is the course for the serious seller that wants to understand Amazon and grow their business.”
-George Clark, Pure Country Weavers 
Frequently Asked Questions
Does it only apply to
The strategies apply to Amazon platforms globally, but some of the tools are only applicable for specific marketplaces (Amazon Canada, UK, etc.) We will eventually be adding an additional course for purchase for those interesting in expanding internationally.
I'm already selling on Amazon, can these courses actually help me?
Absolutely. I've found that most brands selling on Amazon are still missing 50-60% of the opportunity they need to succeed, even when they've been selling on Amazon for 5-7+ years. There's so much to know about Amazon, that unless you've dedicated significant time to delve into the many aspects of Amazon there's still a lot to learn.
Does it focus on Vendor Central?
The courses focus exclusively on Seller Central and do not cover elements specific to Vendor Central. We do cover information about removing retail contributions for sellers who are migrating from Vendor Central to Seller Central which has been the latest trend for brands to take more control of their listings and pricing.
Do I need this if I hire an agency?
Yes! There are many principles included in this course that you as a brand owner need to know that most agencies won't go into (such as online diversification and product strategies, MAP and distribution enforcement, etc.) In addition, you need to ensure that anyone you hire is operating inline with Amazon policy and can ask the right questions and analyze the results for yourself.
How long is the online course?
We have over 2 hours and 30 minutes of Amazon Strategy Training videos and over 3 hours of Amazon Video Tips. In addition, we have tools, resources, action steps, articles and webinars all included within the course making total course content approximately 12 hours. Our goal was to condense the content as much as possible to make it easy for you to get through quickly and easily. We recommend going through a course per week.
"When we started to launch NAPGEAR we really had no idea of what we needed to do to be successful on Amazon. Shannon's course on launching new products on Amazon removed any uncertainties we had. It provides a great overview of the steps that needed to be taken and goes into detail with all of them so that an Amazon newcomer can be as successful as possible with their listing.”
-Tammo Heeren, NAPGEAR 
 "Working with Shannon is like having a good friend beside you helping to navigate the world of online marketplaces. Shannon’s expertise in getting products posted, discovered, cross-promoted and selling on Amazon helped my bedtime toy brand, Starshine Watchdogs, achieve fast-selling, 5-Star, zero-return status on Amazon! You rock Shannon – Thank You!"
-Geoff Roesch, Starshine Watchdogs 
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